Reina, the radiator company, believe radiators are no longer just for function, and that heating has become a design statement in the home. Over the past 5 years heating has rapidly become a more exciting and innovative addition to our homes, and has become accessible to everybody.

The Reina collection of chic radiators will create the perfect focus point in any room of your home. The concept of the towel radiator has definitely increased in popularity and Reina offer a fantastic range of diverse yet practical towel radiator designs. Traditional, period radiators are still popular and promote a feeling of luxury and grandeur in the home, these too can create an exquisite centre piece in most rooms.

Reina radiators focus on quality and style, values which are essential in today’s challenging and competitive market. Reina Radiators are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to achieve this in their products. The Reina radiator range includes standard radiator sizes and more specific sizes are available for small or awkward spaces.

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