Balmorals London

Balmorals London is a quintessentially British bathroom brand, that creates sanitary ware products associated with Britain and its monarchy. Balmorals London bathrooms produce interior solutions that have beautiful design engineering, real class and solidity, that say ‘British Made,’ and are the kind of bathroom fittings that one would associate with the best of London’s contemporary classic hotels, castles and stately homes. Balmorals London aim was to create a brand that represented grand, expensive and luxurious bathroom fittings.
The identity of Balmorals London is inspired by the Victorian era, combining artisanship with artistry. All products within this luxurious bathroom collection boast an unmatched attention to detail and exquisite finishing. The brand reflects pride, prestige and the attention to detail that lies behind Balmorals finessed products exclusively tailor-made for your bathroom. It encapsulates the regality and provenance that appeals in a modern way creating effortless elegance in all designs by Balmorals London.

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